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Occasional Pieces


Tribute to Rudy Wiebe

Caterina Edwards

Visible Silence: Women in Black in Edmonton on JSTOR

Quill & Quire

Lord, History Falls Through The Cracks
Adapted from a chapter in The Doomed Bridegroom, this piece of creative nonfiction ran in the Mennonite literary magazine, Rhubarb, Fall 2008.

How I Lost My Hyphen And Found My Groove
This essay was published in Books in Canada, November 2007.

A Tale of Two Massacres, published in Literary Review of Canada

Literary Nonfiction in Sask

Frog Lake:

Following Big Bear
This piece appeared in Legacy magazine summer 2008.


Ethics 336


Canadian Studies:

My Tulova: Near Two Hills
This piece was commissioned by Legacy magazine in Fall 2006 for their “Places of the Heart” series.

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Canada Day 2000

Westword Columns, Writers Guild of Alberta 2002-2005

The Teach In
The Writer Reads
The Third Pillar
Back at the Writers Union AGM
Happy (Orange) New Year!
Twenty-Five Years Of The WGA
Grainau At Last
My Iggy Election Diary
If They Build It, Will We Come?
On Reading Oneself Cited in Someone Else’s Book
Pierre Berton
Research by Serendipity
Singing Minnesota Summertime Blues
Writer On Holiday

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