In 2021 I was approached by the young activists at Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter for permission to make a podcast of an article I wrote way back in 1978 when I was an activist feminist writer. The podcast may be found here. I went on to write a few more times on the subject, always finding more twists, turns and nuances to my argument but this first iteration contains all the future variations.
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The November 2018 issue of Alberta Views magazine featured Myrna’s piece, “Who Was Uncle Nick? The black and white photograph, such as those taken with a Brownie box camera, shows a man, perhaps 40 years old, with the sun- and wind-burned face of a farmer, a thick hank of dark hair falling …” Read here

Myrna spent hours with Michelle and Bill Tracy of Sherwood Park, Alberta as they opened up their extraordinary Indigenous art collection in their home. Her piece, “The Bill and Michelle Tracy Indigenous Art Collection,” was published in ACUA VITAE magazine winter 2018-2019.
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More Greek writers spoke with Myrna in Athens in 1984.
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Nasos Vayenas >

Myrna opens her 1975 diary for ACUA magazine (Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts)

“The Gulag, the Crypt and the Gallows.” Read Myrna’s essay in the prize-winning anthology Unbound: Ukrainian-Canadians Writing Home, here.

Myrna has a lot to say about her “Baba,” as in these two articles here, nominated for an Alberta Magazine Award

Myrna pulls a 1982 Interview with Greek poet and translator Jenny Mastoraki from the memory vault.

In researching and writing about her Edmonton Baba’s life for a work-in-progress, Myrna has sketched a portrait of a life overlooked in the standard Alberta pioneer narrative.

Myrna couldn’t let the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada go by without talking about what’s missing from the ‘official’ version. It appears in the September 2017 issue of Alberta Views.

Myrna reminisces on the ups and downs of her long association with Mel Hurtig. It was published in the January-March 2017 issue of West Word, the magazIne of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

The Reluctant Historian at The Battle of the Seven Oaks

“I had a gun once,” Guest Writer on Betsy Warland’s Oscar’s Salon

Alberta Views: “On Gifted Ground: One Ukrainian-Albertan reflects on forebears, Ukrainian and Aboriginal”

Literary Nonfiction in Sask

Myrna Kostash was invited to contribute to a collection of essays edited by Canadian Studies professors Weronika Suchacka and Helmut Lutz in Germany, in the 8th issue of TransCanadiana (2016), “Canadian Sites of Resistance: Solidarity-Struggle-Change,” published online here.

A Tale of Two Massacres, published in Literary Review of Canada

The Doomed Genre: Myrna Kostash and the Limits of Non-fiction

“How I Wrote the Doomed Bridegroom,” Westword magazine, Writers Guild of Alberta

My Maidan

Symposium of Manitoba Writing Keynote Speech

The Joe College-Betty Coed Consciousness-Raising Blues

Shocking Protestants

The Reluctant Historian

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the First Nations

Open Letter to George Ryga

London 2008: Arguments in the Galleries

Genocide or “A Vast Tragedy”? University students in an Alberta classroom try to decide.