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My Man Paul part one

I was a flaming young feminist and I hated St. Paul. I had never read him but no matter: the sisterhood excoriated him and his ilk – men of the Church who, from its beginnings, loathed women – and that was good enough for me to hold him in contempt. Feminists of long-standing and admirable read more >

On the Pleasures of the Cyrillic Alphabet

I do not remember a time when I could not read the letters. My (younger) sister has a memory of the two of us, on either side of our mother on the couch, the children’s Reader “Marusia” (Маруся) on her lap, following her along, reading out loud together like a trio of cantors read more >

It’s All Greek to Me

Most Sundays I prepare the bulletin of service for my church, St Elia’s Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Edmonton, and I know the rules: readings from the Epistles and Gospels in English must come from only one authorized translation, the New King James Version, or NKJV. 

Handily, among 58 other read more >

Moscow Be Gone!

If that sounds political, it is. But when it comes to a Ukrainian Orthodox Church anywhere in the world, the political is also cultural and spiritual – and personal, as in my case.

August 9-12, 2018, in Saskatoon SK, I attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the read more >

Once There Were Deaconesses

16 Now I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is also a minister [diakonos] of the assembly in Cenchrae, 2 that you may welcome her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the holy ones, and assist her regarding whatever thing she may need from you; for she has been a leader [prostatis] of many, myself read more >

I Become an ObOSB

In my post, “ObOSB Decoded,” I had written that “all signs were starting to point in the same direction” toward a decision to ask to become an Oblate of the Order of St Benedict. I had spent considerable read more >

Sunday among Anglicans

This post was meant to be Part Two of my decision to ask to become an Oblate of the Order of St Benedict (ObOSB). Instead I want to write about this Sunday’s experience of joining a Choral Eucharist at All Saints Anglican Cathedral in Edmonton (pictured). The fact is, I was playing hooky, away read more >

ObOSB Decoded Part One

Some years ago I was often a “colonist” at the Saskatchewan Writers Guild summer writing colony at St Peter’s Benedictine Abbey, a monastic community near Humboldt (east of Saskatoon) in Saskatchewan. read more >

As For Me and My Icon

Some sharp-eyed readers may recognize this face, this image, or find it familiar. It is the image on the cover of my book, Prodigal Daughter: A Journey to Byzantium, to which I have already referred (product placement!) in earlier posts. It is a representation of St Demetrius by an unknown read more >

We Have a Priest! Axios!

It was a Sunday morning years ago, on Aegina island, Greece, when I strolled down to the harbour front for a morning coffee (my hostess was still asleep). I took a table outside but the din from inside the kafenion was impossible to ignore. The t.v. was on full volume – audibly a church read more >

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