What Is Peace In a Time of War?

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I try to imagine – fifty-eight years after the event – the impact on the Vietnamese, whether armed Viet Cong in jungle trenches or villagers cowering under a hail of ammo – of massed, youthful choruses, halfway across the planet, … Read More

Being Ukrainian Orthodox in a Time of War: Part One

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I began writing this post near the end of February 2022, on tenterhooks along with much of the world about the likelihood of a war being unleashed by Russian military forces on the sovereign territory of Ukraine. As I post … Read More

Who Framed Mary Magdalene? Part One

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  WHO FRAMED MARY MAGDALENE? Twenty-one years ago, even without the question mark, a former editor of U.S. Catholic (vol 65 #4), Heidi Schlumpf, put it bluntly. Mary Magdalene has been framed. That’s quite a charge, given the ubiquity and … Read More

The Woman With the Alabaster Jar

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Kassia A comely  woman’s face, her eyebrows arched and eyes heavy-lidded and red mouth succulent, glances sideways from within a mosaic fragment on the cover of the CD. The disc is titled “Kassia”, and records Byzantine hymns from “the first … Read More

My Man Paul: the Vexatious Veil

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Paul had his work cut out for him in Corinth – his Letters to the Corinthians follow Galatians chronologically – a community whose members French writer Emmanuel Carrère characterizes as a bunch unruly or at least overly enthusiastic about the … Read More

My Man Paul part one

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I was a flaming young feminist and I hated St. Paul. I had never read him but no matter: the sisterhood excoriated him and his ilk – men of the Church who, from its beginnings, loathed women – and that … Read More

On the Pleasures of the Cyrillic Alphabet

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I do not remember a time when I could not read the letters. My (younger) sister has a memory of the two of us, on either side of our mother on the couch, the children’s Reader “Marusia” (Маруся) on her … Read More

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