A must read, Dec 2 2009
By Johnny Tywoniuk

I really enjoyed this book. Gives a great perspective on what Ukrainians went through; the hardships, the racism, and the achievements. It was certainly a much different time for an immigrant to come to Canada, and a lesson for those who come today and think its tough. A great account of what many of our now Grandparents would have endured.

Revealing look at the Canadian immigrant & ethnic experience, Sep 19 2002
By F. Orion Pozo (Raleigh, NC USA)

Myrna Kostash’s All of Baba’s Children is a penetrating and revealing look at the lives of those of Ukrainian ethnic identity in Canada. Although the book is focused on this population, the conclusions she arrives at are of interest to anyone looking into the long term effects of being an ethnic subgroup in a larger culture. The book melds together personal recollections with source documents and other materials to probe the pressures and conflicts this community has experienced in the past hundred years. Extremely valuable reading for those of Ukrainian descent in both the USA and Canada, but also of great value to sociologists studying ethnic minorities in these two countries.

“Engrossing from start to finish, an enriching insight that nobody should miss.” Ottawa Citizen

“A book filled with anger, but also with compassion and love.” Edmonton Journal

“An important and revealing historical and autobiographical document.” Canadian Forum

“…go our right now and buy it…an essential ingredient of a real Canadian imagination.” Geist

“All of Baba’s Children remains the finest personal expression of ethnicity ever published in this country….It is in fact a well-charted voyage of personal rediscovery, that incomparable blend of history, story and memory…” Calgary Herald