The quest for the true story of the immigrant, for the realities of Baba’s life, has taken author Myrna Kostash through a confrontation with the architects of the romantic cover-up: her parents’ generation, the sons and daughters of Clifford Sifton’s Sheepskins. The process of assimilation has subverted events and personalities that Kostash now brings to light. The result is a rewritten history of the Ukrainians in western Canada, a sometimes critical, often compassionate view of the motivations of three generations, an examination of the tokenism of modern-day multiculturalism, a final arrival at the positive political and emotional significance of an ethnic consciousness.

"In an age when most books are short-lived, All of Baba's Children continues to attract attention because it has the stuff that classics are made of – an authentic voice, an original vision and literary merit." George Melnyk, author of Radical Regionalism

Published in 1978 (Hurtig Publishers, rep. NeWest Press), All of Baba’s Children has never gone out of print.