“A deeply intelligent, unconventional account of the author’s journey into Eastern Europe….Myrna Kostash is something of an underacknowledged national treasure.” Stan Persky, The Globe and Mail

“Partly a travel book, partly historical/political investigation and partly a merciless work of cultural self-analysis…It should establish Kostash’s place among the world’s pre-eminent cultural journalists.” Brian Fawcett, Books in Canada

“A work of creative non-fiction distinguished by courage and commitment and a shameless revelling in language.” Ken McGoogan, Calgary Herald

“A bold, impassioned book that illuminates places and times little known to most Canadians.” Bryan Demchinsky, Montreal Gazette

“You have to admire Kostash’s daring. She has not taken the easy way out, and only the most gifted and confident of writers could have hoped to pull off what she’s accomplished here.” Ed Struzik, Edmonton Journal