“Those were lively, lovely times…there was prevailing decency, joy, democracy and a ceaseless commitment to destroy Gandhi’s old enemies, ‘injustice, untruth, and humbug.’ Myrna Kostash ends her tough, definitive, marvellous book with a memorable line: ‘We should be so ridiculous again.’ Soon, I hope.” June Callwood, Edmonton Journal.

“In Long Way from Home we have an admirable, readable account of that period that will be a valuable record whenever history decides to assess the 1960s.” Valerie Haig Brown, Books in Canada

“In A Long Way From Home, Kostash’s generously romantic spirit captured the decade from the inside: You could feel the élan, you could hear the music and the poetry, and you were utterly convinced by it that at decade’s end, every Canadian, no matter what part of the political and cultural spectrum he or she started from, really was a long way from home.” Brian Fawcett, Globe and Mail.

“A Long Way From Home, an eloquent, underrated study of the radical 1960s in English Canada… remains an indispensable book on the 1960s, an understudied decade in Canada.” Ian McKay, author of Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada’s Left History