Some months after Prodigal Daughter was published in 2010, Myrna was interviewed by phone with a Greek Orthodox priest in Miami, with his own radio show.

“Written in lyrical, vibrant prose, Prodigal Daughter is part travelogue and part memoir…One of the book’s strengths is the author’s passion for her subject.”

— Bev Sandell Greenberg, Prairie Fire.

Review by Lindy Ledohowski of Canadian Literature

Review by The Anglo-Hellenic League

Review by Brian Fawcett

“Prodigal Daughter begins with a puzzle: Who is St. Demetrius? And why can’t Myrna Kostash resist him? This puzzle leads the Edmonton author to undertake an historical and personal journey…. Kostash discovers that her quest is not intellectual, but spiritual. She wants to be moved by a force from outside herself.”
New Trail Magazine

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“There is no shock in the fact that the Kostash’s talent and 10 years of effort have combined to produce an excellent book.”

— Joanne Thibault, Winnipeg Free Press

The award-winning Kostash, whose All of Baba’s Children examined the Ukrainian-Canadian roots of a Prairie community, weaves all of her themes of religion, Byzantine and Slavic history and the diversity of the Balkans into an engrossing and richly informative story. Anyone interested in any or all of these themes will enjoy Prodigal Daughter.

Review by Cheryl Purdey, Edmonton Journal

Undaunted by the immense historic-geographic scope of her project, Kostash delivers a beautiful chronicle of her foray into the “spiritual archives” of Orthodoxy — a lavish galaxy of antiquities and miracles guarded by a cast of gate-keepers ranging from academics and priests to go-betweens such as tour guides and translators.

Robert B. Klymasz, Ph.D., Zurawecky Research Fellow Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg