“Kostash paints a portrait of a Canada whose social and political hues endure with a renewed vibrancy drawn from our diversity, and reassures us that a strong Canada will survive and thrive in full colour. A thought-provoking and worthwhile read as Kostash uses candid interviews and nimble wit to trace the persistent line of community between the past and the future of Canadians.” Connie Topott, The Sheaf online

“Boy, is Myrna Kostash ever an optimist! Not only does the title of her new book assert that Canada has a future – when there are plenty who would argue the point – but she is pretty sure that the future will look a lot like the best parts of the past….Kostash’s journalism is always thoughtful, provocative and worth reading.” Bronwyn Drainie, Indigo book reviews

The Next Canada is not what you would call a great read, not the book to settle down with comfortably in front of the fire for a tidy and reassuring dose of inspirational rhetoric. But I think it is an important work that would convey a message of real value to the governing class, were they interested.” Patrick Watson, Globe and Mail

“Call it a delightful surprise that Myrna Kostash has written a wide-ranging and engaging book that does illuminate the lives, thoughts and beliefs of people I know, literally and metaphorically….For what Kostash has done is…restore faith that, yes, our generation cares about what it means to be Canadian, cares to work for political and social change…” Tom Snyders, Georgia Straight